Partial Patch of Yandere

I told you guys I would, and I did. So there.

Instructions are in the readme in the .zip. If it doesn’t work for you and you didn’t follow the instructions in the readme, you’re probably screwed. I’m not the technical guy. I’m the translator.

This patch covers Maika’s route and the common route. The endings of Saki’s route and Yuumi’s route are not in there, and Yuumi’s sex scenes aren’t either. They’re translated, but unedited, and I don’t want them in there because they’re simply not done.

This is normally the part where I would start my postmortem, but since the game isn’t fully done yet… yeah.

I’ll be sincere: I don’t know when the game will be done. All that’s left is to edit Yuumi’s route, then get that other guy to do QC. There isn’t much left, but I won’t blame you if you aren’t confident in me. All I can say is that we think of this game every day, and we will continue to do so until it’s done.

Thanks for waiting, and I hope our work meets your high expectations.

Edit: There have been people reporting that the names remain untranslated and that the sprites are screwing up. If so, run the program as an administrator. If that doesn’t work, delete “savesu.ksd” in your Saves folder in the install directory. That should fix it. If it doesn’t, comment and I’ll get to my editor about it.

Edit 2: After a few people played through and pointed out some typos, I’ve gone in and fixed them, and uploaded a new patch. In addition, I learned that the font that everyone’s been seeing is not the same font that my editor’s been seeing, and he’s been basing his line breaks off that. What this means is that for those of you that don’t have the patch yet, it makes no difference for you. Just download and play like you normally would. However, for those of you that aren’t finished yet, you’ll need to delete “savesu.ksd” and start the game over, unfortunately. It shouldn’t take long to CTRL back to where you were, hopefully.

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31 Responses to Partial Patch of Yandere

  1. 051R15 says:

    Thanks also, We don’t care if its edited We just want the translation. Its nice that you’ve got an editor on the job, however for the majority of 51% an edited version not necessarily needed. There were other translators who put out just the translation and the fans were happy with it. You’re doing a good job, just don’t do anything more than necessary

  2. Just continue to go at your own best and do what you can.

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  4. Zandorf says:

    Maika’s sprite seems to be stuck, and only moves in scenes with Maika in it…

    And the girl’s names only translate during CG scenes…

  5. Rz says:

    >This patch covers Maika’s route and the common route. The endings of Saki’s route and Yuumi’s route are not in there, and Yuumi’s sex scenes aren’t either. They’re translated, but unedited, and my editor doesn’t want those in there.
    >They’re translated, but unedited, and my editor doesn’t want those in there.
    >My editor doesn’t want those in there

    So, any ETA for the full patch release?

    • No ETA yet, unfortunately. I also made an error there, thank you for pointing it out. It’s not really my editor, but me who doesn’t want those in there. They really just aren’t done yet, so they would seem out of place as opposed to the other content.

  6. I wanted to know is it only one ending per girl or is there multiple endings with each route?

  7. I tested it out and i don’t this error when i don’t apply the translation.

    I don’t wanna be a busy body or anything.

  8. Yakui says:

    You should get some more people to help you. As far as I can tell it’s two people who don’t have a lot of free time trying to do this.

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  10. ultimecea says:

    how many months more do you need to “translate” the rest???

    • Deathfire says:

      None, can you read? He said they’re translated not edited.

      If you wanted to do the sarcasm route then you should have edited in air quotes

      • ultimecea says:’re pure dumb~~~
        it seems to me..the editing takes a longer turn compared to Yoake
        more like they re-translate them..
        thats what i mean

  11. Harontiar says:

    Some text errors that I found.

  12. cia92f says:

    i know it’s not the right place to ask this but the game doesn’t have voice files right?

  13. Whatshudidowtfman says:

    I don’t have this game 😦
    Well it’s not like i ask you to gimme links to DL it …. I would just like to ask a few “funny things” i should enter in google to dl it 😉 Or just post the damn link kthxbai

  14. Fallenjedi20 says:

    If by ‘editing’ you mean “checking English spelling/grammar” I’d love to volunteer. I can Grammar Nazi through it, and having pulled apart a couple scripts for other games, I can make sense of the coding. I don’t understand one bit of written Japanese though, so I’d be fairly useless if anything like that needs checked. I don’t know how to open up .exe or .bin files, so I wouldn’t be useful as a techie either.
    tl;dr: I can be another editor 😀

  15. Joker says:

    Ehhhh. Anyone know where i can get the game itself?
    Cant seem to find good torrents….

  16. miinna says:

    Where i can find english guide for those routes?

  17. ErectionKitten says:

    Woo! Time to get started!

  18. Zero says:

    Ive been keeping an eye on this novel for a good deal of time and much of the noted apprehension comes from the fact that you are the 3rd person to try and translate this. Now that many people know you have at least backed up your statements people should be more forgiving.
    Let me extend a thank you for translating this and any future translations you continue to work on.

  19. Justin says:

    Thanks, this was suppose to be done in Christmas or did you mean next Christmas asshole?

  20. bystander A says:

    I come back here to check every few days, praying for another translation update \(`o`)/

    PS: I thought Maika was the most harmless heroine because the teacher events were so creepy. I was wrong.

  21. Dukes says:

    😄 Im on a VN binge here. trying to collect as many as possible. Hopefully this all works out for you guys. I know how much of a pain in the ass fluency can be when trying to edit together chain events and multiple outcomes… But for god sake, leave the damn sex in. I dont see the point in leaving it out. Its like taking a key element of horror out. THE COMEDY!!! 😄 sorry. 😀 just my thoughts. thanx so much for the progress, Ive been scouting this nove out for like ever. Since like To Love Ru got pulled off of youtube. When was that? 08? yea… i think. Oh Whatever< jus getcho shitagetha before i go topside in basic training please!!!

  22. MonYaoi says:

    T_T any translation update? I come here everyday to check it

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