Kurukuru Fanatic Partial Patch

Some people have been asking for a partial patch, and I haven’t released anything recently, soo…

Here’s a partial patch of Kurukuru Fanatic!

This should cover the entire common route and Wazuka’s route, but everything else will be in Japanese.

It took a lot of time and effort to make this so please don’t post this on other sites. Just redirect here! More technical information can be found below.

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Games You Shouldn’t Play, PT5

I’m stupid.

I would say right now that Kurukuru is at about 68%. But it’s not, because I just realized that the way I was calculating percentage was wrong. I was comparing the size of the translated folder with the size of the original folder and calculating my percentage off of that. Turns out that usually, text files with English words in them are larger than ones with Japanese characters in them. So my numbers have actually been inflated. After I compared the number of files in the translated folder to the number of files in the original folder, we’re only at about 51%. That’s not acceptable. I’ve been unintentionally lying to you guys.

So I’m going to fix that. I’m going to translate until I can say that I’m actually at 68%. It’ll take a while, yes, but that’ll give me time to replay the game I was going to review today.

When I’m finished, I’ll edit this post to reflect what I’ve done. For now though, know that I’m sorry and that I’m also stupid. Mostly the last one.


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Games You Shouldn’t Play, PT4

Well, it’s been a bit more than a month again. That tends to happen to me. Time gets away from me? Y’ever notice that?

Kurukuru’s at 66.5% now. I should be doing more in the next few days though, so don’t count on that percentage.

Beyond that, the last batch of Special Editions have just been sent out. If you want one, don’t bother me. You had your chance. Bothering someone in the HUGE comments section of the last post might get you a copy though.

As for this edition of Games You Shouldn’t Play, I promised last time that I’d be analyzing a game similar to Cross Channel. I lied. It’s late and I want to tell you guys about some stuff before I head to bed (it’s late where I am)

So let’s get on with it!

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Games You Shouldn’t Play, PT3

Phew, two posts in three days! We’re going for a translation speed record here, folks, and soon we’ll be overtaking the common garden snail! All those fancy translation groups better watch out, cuz I’m catching up and I’m gonna take those punks down! Yeah! DKT! DKT! DKT!

Alright, enough with the sarcasm. Kurukuru’s at about 65% now. It’s all good in the neighborhood.

Some of you have been asking to actually read the stupid thing I wrote/made. To be clear, it’s in a completely playable state right now. You can get from the beginning to the end, no problem. However, you should know that it was made for a very specific audience, and as such you won’t understand a lot of the jokes, many of the characters will be foreign to you, and the plot will hinge on things you don’t understand. If you still want to try the game out, comment with your email address and I’ll send you a link. I only ask that you don’t make it public. Trust, guys!

But anyway, if you’ve read the title, some of you are probably quite excited right now. Part three guys, part three! You’ve been waiting for it, and I’ve been waiting for it too. I needed to make sure that I knew exactly what I wanted to say, and now I know. So, let’s begin.

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Alright, I owe you guys an explanation.

No, there’s no progress. It’s been nearly a month, and I feel really bad about it. I really do think about this everyday, so let me explain what’s been going on.

I mentioned a project last post, so I should explain that. When I was play-testing Yandere, I had to inflict it on one of my friends to make sure that the readability was okay. He probably knows just about as much as I do about that game. I’d been writing something myself, when suddenly I realized that I could make it up to my friend by combining that project with something else.

So, from that was born a strange beast.

I present to you: Yandere: Special Edition.



i told you



So yes, to answer your concerns, I did just spend a month writing horrible fanfiction. I hope you can excuse my blatant stupidity.

The OTHER reason I haven’t been doing much is that college has started back up again. Now though, I’m in Montreal, Canada for a semester abroad. It’s been interesting adjusting to a new culture, and I hope you guys can forgive me for my gross transgressions against going fast. However, after I get back into the swing of things I should have some progress for you. Hell, I might even try doing some more translating tonight.

In any case, thanks for being patient and please don’t hate me.


Okay, I worked on it a bit, and now we’re at 61%. Yeah, its not a lot, but that’s two documents and I stopped right before a sex scene so that’ll get us a lot more when I don’t have class tomorrow.

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Merry Christmas

Or whatever denominational holiday you practice.

I have bad news and EXCELLENT news.

The bad news is, I have no progress on Kurukuru Fanatic. I’ve been working on a project in my free time, and that’s eaten up most of the time that I would use to translate. For that, I sincerely apologize. It’s going to be done at the end of next week or bust though, so after that you should start to see more progress happening.

The EXCELLENT news… well, take a look at this picture.


First: If you know what game this is from, you should be EXTREMELY excited. If you don’t, it shouldn’t be hard to guess from reading my blog. However, and this is SUPER important, DON’T tell people that I’m translating this game. Strictly speaking, I’m not yet. I do plan to translate this game though, after I’m done with the two that I promised to finish. If you do have to tell people about this, refer to it as “my secret project”. I understand that more popular translators have those, and this one is very important to me.

The reason for the secrecy is that the company that made the game in that screenshot is extremely notorious for C&Ds, and this project CANNOT get C&D’d. 

That being said, I’m very excited, and you should be too!

As for Kurukuru, as I said, there should be some progress soon.


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Yep, Kurukuru’s at 60% now.

Yeah I know that’s not exactly epic progress for a month. But it’s something, right?

Look, I won’t lie. Midterms have been kicking my ass, and that along with getting ready for the holidays means that I haven’t had much time to dedicate for this. However, I should have some time soon on winter vacation to get going on this, and maybe we can see 65 or 70%, hmm?

By the way, here’s a translation I did of Totono’s OP. As it turns out, translating by transcription is difficult for a non-native speaker. I still think I did alright though.

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No review just yet though, I hope you understand why.


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Games You Shouldn’t Play, PT2

Kurukuru is now at 47.55%. We’re almost halfway done, guys!

And err, sorry about the delay. School swamped me and I wish I could be doing more, but on top of translating, I’m drawing, doing 3-D art, composing music and writing, so ahh… I have a lot on my plate, as it were.

In compensation, I’ve translated a whole bunch of the system images using Photoshop so now it’s a lot easier to tell what’s going on in-game.

Instead of spamming the post, have an imgur gallery

Also, before you say it– I know the translations are a bit goofy. It was four in the morning, cut me some slack.

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Games You Shouldn’t Play, PT1

Kurukuru is now at 46%. Translated another sex scene. See previous post for my feelings about THAT.

From this point on, unfortunately, I won’t be able to post screenshots. We’re getting into spoiler-y territory here in Kurukuru Fanatic, and I DO want to keep some of the game secret for those of you that are following along. So instead, I’m going to be doing something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I’m going to be doing reviews of VNs that I’ve played (in Japanese) but have chosen not to translate. If this kind of thing doesn’t interest you, don’t worry– I’ll still be updating you all on how the translation is going and particularly funny moments that I run across.

But anyway, let’s start with our feature: Games You Shouldn’t Play!

The games featured here are those that I think aren’t worth your time. They may have good elements, but aren’t overall worth it.

So, let’s begin with one of the first VNs I played on my trek through the world of yandere VNs:

ヤンデレな彼女に死ぬほど尽くされる ~受精させて?貴方の精子独り占めにして誰にも渡さない~



… Alright, before you judge me, let’s go back, waaaay back to somewhere around October 2011. I had only recently gotten good enough at Japanese to play visual novels comfortably, and I had also just gotten done with Yandere. For those of you that have played the game, you’ll understand what I mean when I say that I was in a sort of daze. Holy shit, I thought, were all VNs like that? After going onto vndb.org, I found out that wasn’t the case. I decided to look up the tag that gave Yandere its name, “yandere heroine”. Then, my eyes were drawn to the longest title on the page. At the time, the title wasn’t translated, and I didn’t feel like doing that myself. So I looked at the tags, saw nearly nothing there, and then saw ‘yandere heroine’. Sure, I thought, why not. Let’s give it a whirl.

And give it a whirl I did.

See, back then, I wasn’t so versed on VN culture as I am now. I didn’t know that there were different kinds of games with different kinds of… purposes. I thought that all visual novels had a story to tell, a unique story that hadn’t been told before.

I was wrong.

Remember that title that wasn’t translated? Let’s paste the translated title here from vndb.org.

“Yandere Girlfriend Makes Me Cum Almost to Death -Your Semen Is All Mine-”

Again, I didn’t know that was the title at the time. I was expecting a story.

What I got was a nukige.

For those who don’t know what that is, a nukige is a game that’s played for the H CGs. It’s played to fap to, that’s the point. If that’s your cup of tea, that’s cool. It ain’t mine. However, I didn’t know that at the time that I played this game. I thought that what I was going to get was a story worthy of the “novel” part of visual novel.

What I got, again, was sex scene after sex scene.

I was confused, initially. Yes, VNs had sex scenes, but so far for me they were few and far between or they were plot relevant. For example, in Cross Channel (the first VN I ever played), the H scenes are short and not close to each other, and they don’t really interfere with the plot. In Yandere, they start to get plot relevant near the end, especially with Maika’s route. However, nukige are different. The plot is an excuse. As the saying goes, a nukige is a “porn with plot” game.

So I played this VN. It was pretty much what you’d expect from the plot of a nukige. The main heroine’s name is Maria, and she essentially lives with the main character. She seems prim and perfect, and is part of the student council of the school. There’s also another girl who I’ve forgotten the name of, that’s getting a bit too friendly with the main character. So Maria goes bonkers and kidnaps him to have sex with him in the storage shed. Strangely this does not weird him out and he starts to go out with her.

Now, I said before that the games featured here are bad. That’s true. However, they do have good elements to them.

There is a part right after the first sex scene that’s genuinely good writing, and a brilliant example of social engineering. It actually impressed me so much that I remember it, and this game, to this day.

So the main character arrives at school the next morning to find a bunch of students gathered around a wall. He’s also hearing whispers of bad tidings about him, specifically. He’s intrigued, of course, and wondering why people are talking bad about him. Pushing through the crowd of people, he finds the bulletin board with photographs… of himself having sex with Maria. He’s shocked– could someone have found them and taken those photos while they were occupied? Why didn’t he notice? Then, Maria pushes through the crowd as well to disperse it– she is part of the school council after all. There are rumors going around now for sure. People are leery of the two of them now, and nobody will talk to the main character.

Soon after, both him and Maria are called to the guidance office to hear their explanation. The photos are brought along, and the teacher demands to know what’s going on. Maria looks at the photos for a moment, and says that they’re a form of slander, created to frame both her and the main character. The teacher is confused– it’s clearly the two of them having sex. However, Maria says, these photos have been digitally manipulated. Not only that, they’ve been poorly done– there are obvious screw-ups in some parts, and it looks like whoever did it just pasted their heads on the bodies of two people having sex. Not only that, it’s too dark in the photos to tell where the two people are, meaning that the levels on the photograph are off. The teacher looks confused once more, but accepts this explanation. He says that he’ll get right on finding out who did this, and he apologizes for wasting their time. He’ll also inform the school of this, so their classmates would know that this was just something that someone made to ruin their names. They all leave the office, and everyone is satisfied– except the main character.

After having a better look at the photos, he’s confident that the two people in the photograph are them. He remembers that position, and he remembers her body. He KNOWS that it’s the two of them. Then he remembers– nobody could have taken those photos, all entrances to the shed were locked, Maria said it herself. So… how?

The main character then realizes what’s happened. SHE took those photos. Then, she posted them up on the board. Why? To isolate him from his classmates, and solve the problem she had with her classmates getting close to the main character. Those rumors were still going around, even with proof to the contrary. The damage was already done. With that, not only would he be isolated, but she had an alibi for both of them so that they wouldn’t get in trouble. After all, if the Photoshop was really badly done, it would be obvious that it was an amateur job done by someone their age.  Who would suspect, though, that it was HER that had done them? Finally, he can’t tell anyone about this, because to do so would prove that he had sex with her in the storage shed– self-incrimination.

It’s a smart bit of writing that really doesn’t belong in this shitty game. It’s a small diamond in the rough. Needless to say, nothing noteworthy happens after that. It’s just devolves into more sex scenes.

So in conclusion– you shouldn’t play this game. It was bad, and believe me– I’ve replayed it to make sure, saying to myself, “It couldn’t have been that bad, right?”. It was, and is, and will always be bad.

That’s that.

Next time, we’ll review the sequel, and I’ll talk a bit more on why I don’t like sex scenes.

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